Can I use non alcohol mouthwash after tooth extraction

Can I use non alcohol mouthwash after tooth extraction

If your dentist suggests you do a tooth extraction and you use mouthwash on a regular basis then this question may come to your head that, “Can I use non alcohol mouthwash after tooth extraction?”

It is a very common question which most people ask after tooth extraction because mouthwash is an almost day-to -day use of dental products which keeps your teeth healthy and clean.

Generally dentists suggest to extract teeth only if your tooth is decayed or injured and sometimes you may need to extract your wisdom teeth as well due to pain or infection.

Mouthwash is very useful for teeth, it doesn’t cause any harm but it will be the best option to avoid mouthwash after tooth extraction because it may result in blood dislodging.

Still if you want to use non-alcoholic mouthwash, it will be better to keep your teeth away from it before you recover fully.

What is mouth wash?

Mouthwash mostly contains antiseptic which wash out food wastes and germs from your teeth and protects your teeth from bacteria which results in the damage of teeth and plaque acids.

It can be an additional care to your teeth and mouth which will not harm you rather benefit you but you have to keep in mind that it can’t be your alternative to brushing and flossing.  

So, you can use mouthwash for extra care which will help you to keep the appearance of your teeth well and healthy.

Why is it not safe to use mouthwash after tooth extraction?

We all know after any kind of surgery it takes some weeks to recover fully. In case of tooth extraction as well it takes a few weeks for the gum to recover properly. And it is very important to take proper care after any kind of surgery or it may result in further problems.

Since it will take a few weeks for your gum to recover fully, at least for 24 hours after your tooth

extraction you should avoid using anything for rinsing your mouth even sometimes for 48 hours as well and should take proper care to prevent infections and ensure your recovery.

After that you can rinse with a warm water salt solution four times a day to clean your mouth until you are fully healed. After that you can use mouthwash.

If you use mouthwash immediately then it may result in blood clot on the affected part because the gums are rich in blood cells so if the clot is dislodged then anytime bleeding can start unconditionally.

Although there are no harmful ingredients in mouthwash , it may contain alcohol which can result in the growth of dry socket which results in pain and irritation in the affected area and this is one of the most common post effects of tooth extraction.

So it is better to use mouthwash after recovering fully. Though there are few mouthwash which doesn’t contain alcohol, actually in that case this will depend on the instructions of your dentist but it will be better to not to use it.

Can I use non-alcoholic mouthwash after wisdom teeth extraction?

Extracting The Sick Tooth

Wisdom teeth extraction is also one kind of surgery and one of the common extracted teeth where one or more wisdom teeth are removed. If the wisdom somehow results in pain or infection then mainly the dentist suggests removing it.

Since it is a surgery so after this as well you have to remain very careful to ensure your healing soon and it is better to avoid mouthwashes even non-alcoholic as well after your extraction. 

Though non alcoholic mouthwash does not contain any kind of harmful ingredients, it can result in bleeding from your wound area. So avoiding it will be the best option.

Still your dentist will suggest to you what you have to do and how you will take care of your mouth and gums after your procedure.

When can I use non-alcohol mouthwash after tooth extraction?

It is better to rinse with warm salt water solution after tooth extraction to keep your teeth clean and at the same it will not cause any harm even if you brush your teeth after a few hours of your extraction it may result in bleeding as well.

When it comes to mouthwash as well it is also better to use it after the healing process is done fully. Because if you rinse your mouth often then it can result in a blood clot and may hamper the natural protection of the injured area which can develop dry socket gradually.

Mouthwash And Toothbrush

In this time mouth bath is appreciated then rinsing. And if there are no damaged teeth, oral hygiene is perfect, tooth extraction is less stressful and there is less chance of infection then you can use simple saline or sodium bicarbonate solution to rinse your mouth.

But this kind of solution is rare, that’s why antiseptic solutions are suggested. Chlorhexidine is one of the most suggested oral antiseptic at present. But you have to keep in mind that it is a powerful antiseptic so choosing the correct concentration is very important.

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After tooth extraction, healing will take some time and sutures should dissolve within 3 to 14 days. And gradually with time your tooth’s empty socket will be filled with bones and tissues.

You have to follow all the instructions of your dentist properly then there will be no complications and you will recover soon.  

If you use non-alcoholic mouthwash after tooth extraction, it will interfere with the injury and will cause swelling, pain, infection and so on.

So it is a no if you want to use a mouthwash after a tooth extraction even non alcohol mouthwash as well. Rather, if you wait for some time for healing fully and then you use mouthwash regularly then you will not suffer anymore.

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