Is it safe to have pasta after tooth extraction

Is it safe to have pasta after tooth extraction

Just had a tooth extraction? 

Confused about whether having pasta would be safe for your extracted tooth?

Is there’s any harm in eating pasta with a lot of spices in it?

You might crave something delicious like- your favourite pasta after an extraction, which is completely normal to have. But there are a lot of questions running in your mind about your safety, right?

Well, there are a lot of explanations regarding this topic along with precautions and suggestions. 

In this article, we would share those pieces of information with you and try to solve your confusion in an easy way.

Therefore, without wasting time here we go for the broad explanations!

Timing for having different kinds of foods after tooth extraction 

Generally soft, easily chewable, and liquid foods such as smoothies, soup, boiled pasta, etc. are better to have for the first 3-4 days.

 In case of having a little hard chewing, hot and spicy foods, it is better to avoid them until the doctor’s recommendation or after 5-6 days of the surgery.

Allowable food items to eat 

As your diet needs to be changed a little after extraction, there should be a balanced amount of all nutrients besides having the delicious foods. Keep in mind that the foods you’re taking need to be enriched in protein, vitamin A and C, calcium. Some food items are mentioned:-

Different kinds of smoothies

Smoothies are really helpful during this healing time as it contains different nutrients as well as it’s tasty enough to have. If not lactose intolerance, add some milk or yogurt to make it more delicious and enjoy it without any hesitation.


Pasta would be an incredible option to meet your cravings for rich food. But it needs to be properly boiled and tender as there’s a restriction on having hard food items. Alfredo, spaghetti, ravioli any kind of pasta are safe to have until it’s enough mushy.  

Boiled Pasta

Also, need to be careful while adding pasta sauces as some sauces contain acid for instance- tomato sauce. Acidic sauces might create complications in the surgical tooth so better to avoid them. Keeping this in mind you can start having your pasta just after 2-3 days of surgery.

Mashed potatoes or fruits

Mashed potatoes contain carbs and energy, essential two nutrients after surgery. Complimented with many dishes, mashed potato tastes amazing.  For being mushy and easily swallowable mashed potato would be a great option to have in the diet.

Banana, blackberry, etc soft and easily mashed fruits can be a good quick snacks idea for your small mid-day cravings. But make sure to remove the seeds from the seed containing fruits.

Ice cream

Who does not crave ice cream after dental surgery? Fortunately ice cream is a completely safe food item with no side effects on the surgical spot. 

Rather it is recommended to have ice cream as it helps to reduce the swollen sensations and allows the blood vessels around the extracted tooth to shrink. 

Cakes or Pastry  

Cake or pastry undoubtedly is an extremely mouth-watering and demandable snacks item of all time. And for sure, you can go for these options and enjoy your snacks time happily! 


Rice can also be a good option to have only if that rice is perfectly boiled and soft enough to swallow without properly chewing. To make your rice bowls more flavorful you can have scrambled or the suggested mashed potato with some butter or anything of your choice, except spicy.

Avoidable food items after tooth extraction

It is always better to avoid or restrict yourself from having any kind of hot, spicy, and hard-to-chew food after tooth extraction.

Drinks like alcohol, hot coffee, tea, soft drinks are recommended not to have.

Extracted Tooth

Hard to chew foods like- meat, chocolates, pizza, nuts, and other crunchy food items are better to keep away for at least 7 days after surgery. 

Do not eat any spicy foods that contain excess chili, pepper, paprika, habanero, ginger, etc as these may cause a bad effect on your surgical tooth.

Why is it bad to have chewy, hot, or spicy foods  

Spices cause exasperation and irritation on the surgical spot which enables it to take a long time to heal.

Hard to chew or crunchy food items tend to be stuck in the surgical area and make it dirty which again allows it to create irritation and eventually take an unexpectedly long time to be cured.

Besides if in any case, you’re taking alcoholic beverages or soft drinks, then you should not! As these drinks contain hazardous substances that might negatively react with your medications and thus put you in great trouble.

Consulting with your doctor  

It’s always better to consult with your doctor and take their recommendation before having any kind of food items after the tooth extraction. As different persons have different problems and to avoid any kind of further complications it is always better to have a one to one conversation with professionals. 

Further recommendations from us 

To recover quickly and safely make sure you take your prescribed medications and avoid the food items that your doctor suggested also, the ones we have mentioned in this article. Always try to keep your mouth clean and germ-free. Visit your doctor at least once a month to have a thorough check-up after the extraction.   

We have tried to elaborate on all the essential and tested food items to have and do not have after tooth extraction so that you get a good idea about the types and ways and thus help you. 

Thank you and grateful for taking out your valuable time to go through it. 

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