How to get nail glue off our teeth

How to get nail glue off our teeth

Nail glue and super glue are not only harmful for your teeth but also they can result in cavities and can cause sufferings on your tooth enamel by damaging it. So you should not use nail glue inside your mouth.

If nail glue got into your teeth accidentally then the thing which comes to our mind is how to get nail glue off our teeth?

We use nail glues to apply acrylic nails and other essentials on our nails. So nail glue is very poisonous and toxic for teeth because it is made to use them in the nail.

So if nail glue gets somehow in your teeth then it may harm your outer coating of the teeth, cause fracture and you may even lose the enamel. 

As soon as possible you should try to remove it. If it is on your skin then by using warm water and soap you can remove it easily but if it is on your mouth or teeth then seeking medical help or dental assistance will be the best option in these circumstances.

What happens if you get nail glue on your teeth?

Since nail glue is made of different types of chemicals, they are poisonous. If you get nail glue on your teeth then you cannot swallow it as it  hardens the area very quickly. 

You can choose denture glue if you want the fangs in place. Many people used the nail glues which come in the packet of acrylic fake nails because they wanted the fangs to stay in place.

But in the long term it will cause harm to your teeth because your enamel, which is the outer layer of the teeth, will be in danger.

If you use this once then your teeth will become more sensitive and your teeth may cause cavities and fracture. And  accidentally if the nail glue gets on your gums or cheeks then in worst cases it may result in ulcer even.

How will you get nail glue off your teeth?

If you get nail glue on your teeth then you should rinse your mouth with water as much as you can. You can use peanut butter or vegetable oil which will help you to soften the glue in the teeth inside your mouth if glue is stuck over there.

rinsing mouth with water

If nail glue is stuck in the tongue then it will be loosened due to the warmish environment inside the mouth very soon and you don’t have to do anything.

Since the mouth is one of the sensitive organs of the body, it will be better to get medical consultation if nail glue is stuck in the mouth.

At first what you can do is you can try to remove the glue by following the mentioned steps but if the glue is bonded with teeth then as soon as possible you have to seek medical support.

Will nail glue come off from teeth on its own?

Since our mouth is full of saliva and it will lift the glue within a few days, there is a possibility of dissolving the glue on its own within a few days. You can speed up the glue area by rinsing with water or by following the steps I mentioned before.

You can rinse with a saline solution which is a mixture of half teaspoon of salt and a cup of water to loosen the adhesive.

If the glue doesn’t get off after a few days then this may result in pain or rash or burn.Since  these steps don’t work for you then there will be no option rather than consulting with a doctor. 

You have to consult as soon as possible or else it may cause serious damage to your teeth and mouth. 

Can I use any glue on my teeth?

Nail glue is made for using them in nails. So it is not appropriate to use them on teeth. Nail glue or super glue contains cyanoacrylate which is a chemical and it is not suitable for teeth and mouth area. 

Though the exposure of nail glue is rare, if it occurs via ocular and dermal routes then it will be seriously dangerous.

Since glue is a commonly used term for dental purposes. For a fit repair, we use adhesive which is the permanent dental glue that permanently attaches the abutment teeth with the crown.

If your teeth are broken you can use zinc oxide eugenol cement which is an oil based glue. This cement is used for a temporary solution. If a permanent solution is required then this cement will not be the best option.

Though dental grade reisin is the best glue, it is expensive. If you are on budget then in spite of using super glues or nail glues you can go for acrylic resin. However this glue is used for dental purposes so it will be expensive compared to nail glue. But it will be the most durable one.


Nail glue is made to use in nails. So obviously if we use nail glue in the mouth, it’s going to harm the mouth because the mouth is a sensitive organ and nail glue contains different kinds of chemicals which are not suitable for the mouth.

Accidentally if nail glue gets into the teeth of your mouth then as soon as possible you should try to get it off or else it may cause serious damage to your mouth. 

First you have to try to remove the glue by following the steps which are stated before. After a few days if you notice that the nail glue is still in your mouth  then the best thing will be to go to the dentist and take his/her consultation in this regard.

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