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Are you looking for a pediatric dentist? We the best pediatric dentists of Jonesboro,  excited to make the most enjoying and memorable dental visit for your child. 

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Welcome to Jonesboro Pediatric Dentistry

Greetings!! Welcome to Jonesboro Pediatric Dentistry, the most modern and children friendly dentistry in Arkansas. Our dentists are not only specialized in pediatric dentistry but also in child behavior and psychology. 

Is your child or toddler very much anxious or afraid to go to the dentist? We make it easy and comfortable. When children enter our dentistry, they come up with a  smile!!

Because our office is designed specially for children and our dentists are always ready to welcome your child with warm love, fun and care. That’s why every time a child visits, ask mommy when they will come for the next checkup. 

At Jonesboro Pediatric Dentistry, we are delighted to give the best oral health care for your child. 

Our Services

  1. Pediatric dental care
  2. Orthodontics & braces
  3. Teen dental
  4. Fillings and crowns
  5. Children’s Sedation dentistry 
  6. Emergency dental care
  7. Preventive dental care
  8.  White crown
  9. Laser dentistry
  10. Space maintainers
  11. Sealants 
  12. Pediatric root canal therapy 
  13. Digital X rays  
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Why choose Pediatric Dentist Jonesboro Ar

Why patients love us so much? Why do parents admire us so much?

Why we are the best pediatric dentists at Jonesboro Ar? 

We care your child’s teeth.

We make sure your child’s visit is comfortable and enjoying. 

Here are the top reasons!!

Happy Child at Pediatric Dentist Jonesboro Ar

We make it fun

Yes!! You heard it right. Pediatric Denstist Jonesboro AR is more about a amusement park than a dentistry. 

Is your child anxious?

At children’s dentist Jonesboro, many children come with dental anxiety.

Don’t worry about that.  

Our dentists have years of experiences in pediatric dentistry, they are funny enough to wash your child’s fear and anxiety.

It’s a fun time here. 

We make it convenient

Surely you will get the most convenient pediatric dentistry ever in Jonesboro. 

We have same day scheduling opportunity. If you need any emergency dental care, just give us a call. 

You will get a same day dental care service. 

We are highly recommended

We are your go to pediatric dentistry in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Our patients and parents love us so much that, they are recommending us everyday. 

childrens dentist jonesboro
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Our Technology

At Jonesboro dental office, we have the latest and most modern technologies.

Our modern technologies include Digital X-ray, Electronic Medical Records (EMR),  Ultrasonic Scalers, Ultra Quiet High Speed Fiber Optic LED Handpieces, Digital Flat Screen Monitors and many more.  You will get the best technology in Jonesboro. 
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Our modern technologies include Digital X-ray, Electronic Medical Records (EMR),  Ultrasonic Scalers, Ultra Quiet High Speed Fiber Optic LED Handpieces, Digital Flat Screen Monitors and many more. 

You will get the best technology in Jonesboro AR.  

Kid Experts

We are a team of kid experts in Jonesboro, Ar. We have years of experience  in pediatric dentistry. 

Taking care your child is our main our goal. 

Our kid experts create a child friendly environment so that children feel comfortable and enjoy each moments. 

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Office Design & Decoration

Our dental office is specially designed for children. 

They will feel more like  a amusement park than a dentistry. 

Our dental office is located at Southwest Drive, Jonesboro AR 72401. 

Dental FAQ

1. How often should kids go to the dentist?

The most popular question we get, how often should kids come to us? 

Well we love to prevent your child’s cavity rather treating cavity. And we strongly believe that prevention is better than cure.

So we recommend to visit within 6 months after a checkup.

Here is a detail post on this- when to take my kid to dentist?

2. How to prevent baby bottle tooth decay?

Jonesboro Happy Brushing

Tooth decay in infant or toddlers is referred as baby bottle tooth decay. We have seen it occurs mostly in the upper front teeth. 

There are many reasons behind this. 

  • When the baby teeth are prolonged in sugared water or juice for a long time, it causes baby bottle tooth decay. In this case the main reason is sugar. So, you should reduce the amount of sugar to prevent baby bottle tooth decay. 
  • Another reason is bacteria. Now the question is how will my baby get bacteria? It can pass through your saliva when your trying to taste your baby’s food or drink. You have to be careful about this. 

Baby teeth is very important for any child. Because permanent teeth grows according to the care of the baby teeth. 

That’s why your child needs special care about this. 

3. Appointments: What’s the best time to schedule?

The most important thing you should know before scheduling an appointment is- what’s the best time to schedule?

We have thought and researched a lot about this. There are many factors to consider and it varies from age to age. 

We have given a schedule here varying from pre-school and early elementary to high school. 

1. Pre-school and early elementary: They are very sensitive to sleep. If you wake them early or during their nap time in the afternoon they will get very anxious and angry. So you have to consider their sleep so that they  are in a good mood. 

So the best time to schedule  a appointment is in the late morning or after couple of hours their nap.

 2.  Middle School: This middle school kiddos are a bit lazy to wake early in the morning so it’s not the right time for them. And also after school they might be exhausted. 

So the best time to schedule is early afternoon.     

3. High School: We have seen through our years of experience this, teens are in the perfect mood for their dentist specially in early or mid morning.

4. Cavities: What causes tooth decay?

This question comes very often at our dental office.

There are many reasons behind tooth decay or cavities. 

The main reason is sugary drinks or sugary meal. The sugary foods transform into acid in your tooth and causes cavity.

So, it’s essential to brush your teeth after eating anything sugary or chocolate. 

Another reason of tooth decay is bacteria. If you have a dry mouth, therefore it’s obvious you will produce less saliva and so less bacteria will wash away. 

And if you don’t brush regularly you’ll have cavities.  

So, you have to be very careful about your child’s teeth. 

We suggest to start healthy food choices at the early age. Then it will be easier to adjust as your toddler grows. 

5. Dental visits: Can I stay with my child?

This is very common question we get. 

Yes, you can stay with your child during the dental checkup. 

6. Loose tooth: Can a loose baby tooth reattach itself?

This is a favorite question.

Many parents have misconceptions about loose tooth. 

We can not answer this question right now. 

We have a detailed article on Can a loose baby tooth reattach itself? 

You must read the whole article for your child’s oral health. 

7. Spilt Baby tooth: Why do baby tooth spilt in half after falling out?

This is very sensitive. 

The main reason might be wiggling in a wrong way or eating hard or crunchy meal. 

We suggest you to read our most recent detailed article about this. 

Here’s the epic answer- Why do baby tooth spilt in half after falling out?  


8. Can we see the same dentist?

This question comes right after the checkup. 

Yes, you can see the same dentist again. 

Children usually get used to the person they fall for. 

And when comes to the pediatric dentist, children want to see the same dentist again. 

So, you can come to pediatric dentist Jonesboro Ar, and see the same dentist again and again. 

9. Is gum disease serious?

Gum disease is surely a serious gum disease. 

It damages the soft tissues. 

And it can cost you tooth loss. 

So take proper care of your child’s teeth. 

10. When should I take my child to the first visit?

American Association of Pediatric Dentists recommend that your child should have the first visit when the first tooth starts to emerge. 

That means when your child has the first tooth, you can take your child to a pediatric dentist. 

Sometimes baby teeth appear early like at the age of 6 months. 

Or sometimes it might be 8-10 months. 


We have seen parents having lots of questions about dental health. 

As your toddler grows, more and new questions arrive. 

So if you have any questions regarding your child’s dental health, call us at Jonesboro dental office or email us. 

We will be happy to answer all your questions. 

If you need more information, just visit as at Southwest Drive Jonesboro Ar.