Why does my tooth hurt when I jump

Why does my tooth hurt when I jump

Why does my tooth hurt when I jump?

Do not be afraid if your tooth is hurting when you jump or run because it is very common and many people face the same problem as you.

The main reason behind this can be the inflammation in sinusitis, damaged gum, or decayed tooth. 

Actually, when you run or jump, or chew something, the blood flow in the gum increases. As a result, if there is any fracture or any other mentioned problem presently there, then you can face tooth pain.

You need to visit the professionals if the situation gets worse.

To know more about the problem, reasons, remedies, prevention methods, and some expert opinions stay with us throughout the whole article.

Why may your tooth hurt generally?

Your tooth may hurt because of many reasons. Among these 

  • Decay of enamel
  • Fracture in tooth
  • Bacterial infection
  • Damaged gum
  • Sinusitis

These are usually the reasons behind a toothache. There are more that can cause pain when you jump or run.

Why do my teeth hurt during exercise?


Bruxism is a term that means grinding or crunching teeth when under stress. It is an unconscious function and a bad habit also. This bad habit damages the gum line and the teeth.

This can be one of the main causes of pain in the teeth while running, jumping, and jogging. Trying to relax your jaw while you are unconscious can reduce the problem, if possible.


Sinus infection may cause toothache during jumping or running. 

There are 4 sinus cavities above the eyebrows and in the cheeks. Inflammation in these areas can cause this tooth pain. Inflammation in the base of the maxillary sinus brings this pain. The molar teeth are lying close to it, and as a result, it brings pain.

General treatment of the sinus can reduce this pain.


When you go running or jogging in cold weather, you breathe cold air, and the sensitive sites of your teeth get triggered. Then you feel pain in the teeth.

Other Oral Problems

While running, blood flow in the gum increases. If you have any fault in the gum or tooth, then it can cause inflammation and cause pain while running and jumping.

Why do my teeth hurt during brushing?

Gonna Brush Teeth

The reasons may be one of the following:

  1. Wrong choice of toothbrush
  2. Gingivitis
  3. Tooth Decay
  4. Sensitive tooth
  5. Gum diseases

Why do my teeth hurt after flossing?

The reasons behind teeth hurting after flossing can be

  1. Improper techniques
  2. Tooth damage
  3. Dentin hypersensitivity (Tooth Sensitivity)
  4. Gingivitis
  5. Bleeding
  6. Swollen gum

Why do my teeth hurt after braces?

The reasons could be

  1. Sensitivity with braces
  2. Cavities
  3. Weaken enamel
  4. Exposed root
  5. Receding gum line

These can cause teeth to hurt after braces.

Expert Opinion

Now you know about the reasons behind your tooth hurting when you jump or run. It is time to learn from the experts now.

According to Dr.Marshall S. Dicker (Dentist, NY) “Nerve possibly going bad and getting infected when you jump, it momentarily increases the swelling in the area.”

Dr.Wilma Antonio (Dentist, NY) says “You might possibly have an infection or fracture on your teeth. Visit your dentist for proper evaluation and check-up.”

There can be more suggestions from the experts. You may ask the dentist in your area. To know more about it, you can visit here and ask questions from experts by yourself.

The Prevention

You can follow the suggestions to prevent hurting your tooth:

  1. If possible, try to keep your mouth closed. This will reduce the pressure on your teeth and gum.
  2. Try to avoid running on rough surfaces. Running on a smooth surface can help to reduce the risk.
  3. Avoid running in cold weather. Breathing cold air can activate the sensitivity of your teeth.
  4. Regular visits to your dentist to avoid any kind of oral health problem.


Steam inhaling

Inhaling and exhaling steam can clean your sinus cavities. So, if the reason behind your tooth pain is sinus related, then it can relieve the inflammation.

Sinus flush

Rinsing the sinus cavities with saline solution can demolish the bacteria and avoid inflammation of the sinus. It can avoid the pain in teeth if it is due to sinusitis.

Drinking a sufficient amount of water

Drinking an amount of water can decongest the congestion in the sinus. So, if the pain is related to sinusitis then this method can relieve and prevent the pain.

Choosing the proper toothbrush

If you do not choose a toothbrush with soft bristles, your gum may be damaged and can bleed due to excessive pressure. So the choice of the right toothbrush is essential.

Choosing proper toothpaste

There are different types of toothpaste available for different purposes. If you have sensitivity issues, then you should use sensitive care kinds of toothpaste to resolve the problem. You can choose according to your problems.

Final Words

As we have discussed above, maintaining oral hygiene is a must to avoid any kind of abnormal condition of your teeth or oral cavity.

Tooth hurt during jumping or jogging is common among people, as many of us do not care about our oral hygiene properly. As a result, we face many difficulties among which pain in the tooth is very common and this can happen because of many factors.

So, you can follow my suggestions and experts also if you face this problem. Nevertheless, do not forget to visit a dentist regularly if you want to avoid tooth pain.

Be safe, and maintain your oral hygiene.

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