Is it normal to have 24 teeth

Is it normal to have 24 teeth

Are you freaking out because when you counted your teeth, you stopped at the teeth number 24?

There are 32 teeth for everyone who lost all of their baby teeth and have a set of adult teeth.

To be honest with you, having 24 teeth is absolutely normal.

So, if you tell someone that you have 24 teeth and they ask “Is it normal to have 24 teeth?”, then you relay to them that it’s completely normal for people to have 24 teeth.

Still we know, only our words saying it is normal to have 24 teeth in mouth is normal for you will not convince you.

Thus, we are going to clarify why having 24 teeth is normal for anyone.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it, shall we?

How many teeth am I supposed to have

The answer is really simple, you are supposed to have a total of 32 teeth.

Then how is having 24 teeth normal?

First we need to know about the structure and anatomy of our teeth.

There are five types of teeth in our mouth. They are 8 incisor teeth, 8 premolar teeth, 4 canine teeth, 12 molar teeth and 4 wisdom teeth.

Most of the teeth are permanent except the wisdom teeth.

The four wisdom teeth fall out naturally if anyone has bone loss and gum disease in the teeth area.

If someone loses all four wisdom teeth, then they will end up with 28 teeth.

Now when people get braces, they sometimes have to remove their premolar teeth.

The number of premolar teeth in your mouth is four. If you remove the premolar teeth and you already have lost your wisdom teeth, then you will end up having 24 teeth.

That’s how most of the people end up having 24 teeth after becoming an adult.

And there are kids who haven’t lost all of their baby teeth yet. So, having 24 teeth is pretty normal for them compared to adults.

Is it normal for adults to have 24 teeth

Is it rare to have 24 teeth for adults?

Well, yes, it is rare for adults to have 24 teeth in total.

But it isn’t wrong for them to have a set of 24 teeth in their mouth. It is completely normal for adults to have 24 teeth.

Adult Teeth

Normally, people lose their wisdom teeth due to bone loss and gum disease. That is how wisdom teeth fall out naturally.

Which makes them having 28 teeth. The fun fact about this is that it is not rare to have 28 teeth for adults.

Many people have removed their natural teeth due to experiencing pain and infections in those areas.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), we must remove our wisdom teeth if we experience pain and infection in the area where the wisdom teeth are located.

And the average age of removing your wisdom teeth is around the age of 17 to 25 years.

So, from the age of 17 to 25 years, you are going to have 28 teeth eventually.

And your 28 teeth reducing to 24 teeth is rather normal in most of the scenarios.

Is it normal to have 24 teeth after braces

It is rare to have 24 teeth after braces?

No, it is not. Why?

Because, most of the people remove their premolar teeth after having braces.

Most of the orthodontists suggest removing our premolars after having braces as removing them will allow us to create more space between our mouth and jaw.

And if you already have removed all of your wisdom teeth and are now going to have braces, it is inevitable that you will end up with 24 teeth.

Is it normal to have 24 teeth after braces

Having 24 teeth after braces isn’t an uncommon occurrence.

Then having 24 teeth after braces is absolutely a normal subject right here.

So, if you are anxious about having 24 teeth after braces, don’t worry, it is pretty common among those who have gotten braces and also lost their wisdom teeth and it is completely normal.

Is it normal to have 24 teeth for teenagers

Is it rare to have 24 teeth as a teenager?

Yes, it is and most of the cases, it isn’t normal for teenagers to have 24 teeth. Here’s why.

Before growing as an adult and losing all of your baby teeth, you are more or less going to have a set of 20 teeth in your mouth.

You will have 20 teeth when you hit the milestone of being three years old.

From the age of five or six, you will start losing your teeth one after another.

When you have lost all of your baby teeth, you will end up having a set of 32 teeth.

You are most likely going to lose all of your baby teeth by the age of 12. That means, when you are at the age of 12, which may also indicate that you are a teenager, you will have 32 teeth.

And you will be removing your four wisdom teeth from the age of 17 years to 25 years.

It all sums up to one conclusion and the conclusion is that you having 24 teeth as a teenager is not normal.

You should visit an orthodontist about why you have 24 teeth in your teenage years.


There are some natural reasons for having 24 teeth and there are some weird reasons to have 24 teeth.

But overall having 24 teeth isn’t a freaky occurrence unless you are a teenager.

People usually start to lose their teeth after hitting the 40s landmark.

So, not having all 32 teeth is not a bad thing. Thus, you have to stop worrying and overthinking about your teeth.

There are numerous cases where people had to remove their teeth permanently due to accidents or diseases.

But if you are losing your teeth rapidly and experiencing unbearable pain around your teeth, then we would like to suggest you to go and see an orthodontist or a dentist. This could be a major issue if you are not careful enough.

Still in the end, having 24 teeth is absolutely normal in most of the cases.

If you have any questions regarding oral health, feel free to ask us, Pediatric Dentists of Jonesboro.

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