Why do baby tooth split in half after falling out

Why do baby tooth split in half after falling out

The very common question parents ask us at Pediatric Dentists Jonesboro, Arkansas– “why do baby tooth split in half after falling out?” 

There are so many parents who get afraid watching a half falling baby tooth. 

They don’t understand what to do in this situation. Is this an emergency case? 

Should I take my child to a pediatric dentist? 

Should I wiggle the half split baby tooth? 

So many questions around this. 

So we decided to write a detailed article about this. 

After reading this article you will have clear concepts about baby teeth falling out and the burning question “Why do baby tooth split in half after falling out?”

Why do baby teeth fall out?

Yes, let’s start with the very basic question. 

You always have to bear in mind that baby teeth have to fall someday. 

But why?

We have 20 baby teeth and 32 adult teeth. Your child will start having baby teeth from 6-8 months. And the baby teeth will start to fall at the age of 5-7 years old. 

The baby teeth fall because your child’s jaw and adult teeth become mature and strong enough to come out. That’s when the baby teeth tissues, gums become weak and start to fall. And thus the adult teeth start appearing. 

This is a natural growing process. 

Baby Tooth vs Adult Tooth

Let’s talk about the differences between baby teeth and adult teeth.

  1. Permanent teeth are stronger than baby teeth,
  2. Baby teeth are comparatively whiter than permanent teeth.
  3. Baby teeth are smaller than permanent teeth. 
  4. There are 20 baby teeth and 32 adult teeth. 
  5. Baby teeth protect the adult permanent teeth as placeholders. 

One thing you must remember, we mentioned earlier baby teeth are meant to fall but you have to be careful about this. If your child’s baby tooth comes out too early it might affect the adult teeth. 

So the best thing you can do is schedule an appointment before pulling out the baby tooth. 

Why do baby teeth break after they fall out 

There are many reasons behind a baby tooth breaking after falling out. 

Wiggling in the wrong way

When the baby tooth is loose, many children get afraid.

And due to fear, sometimes they wiggle faster or rapidly. This might cause cracks in a certain part of the loose baby tooth.

So, when the baby tooth becomes more loose, and your child is wiggling continuously, the cracked part gets apart. And as a result the baby tooth breaks after it falls out.  

And sometimes it can split the baby tooth in half after falling out. 

Eating hard or crunchy meal

Children are the most innocent beings in the world. 

While children eat, they are not always conscious.

And so, if a hard or crunchy meal gets a hit in the loose baby tooth or in a baby tooth, it can surely cause a crack or break the baby tooth.

After sometime, when the baby tooth becomes loose enough to fall out, and eventually when it falls out- it might be a broken or split baby tooth. 

Did your child’s “BABY TOOTH” split in half after falling out?

This is the most important part of this article. 

Yes, you read it right. Did your child’s “BABY TOOTH” split in half after falling out?

I repeat, was it a baby tooth?  

Because if it was not a baby tooth, then you must take your child to a pediatric dentist immediately.

Permanent teeth are the adult teeth that don’t grow again. And it can cause many problems with your child’s oral health. 

And if it was a baby tooth, you still should see a pediatric dentist so that the dentist can examine and check if there’s any issue with the adult tooth coming out of it. 

So make sure it was a baby tooth! 

What to do if a baby tooth split in half after falling out? 

Well we recommend you to take an appointment and see a pediatric dentist. 

It’s not possible to continue with a half tooth. 

Your child will have trouble eating. And if the half tooth breaks while eating it can be dangerous. 

Moreover it can affect the adult permanent teeth. 

So, the best thing you can do is make an appointment. And take your child to a pediatric dentist. 

Your pediatric dentist will take care of it. 

Should a child brush a broken tooth?

This answer is yes. You have to be very careful with the broken tooth.

If your child brushes roughly it might hurt! 

So it is better to brush gently. And also flossing can ease the pain a bit. 

But we recommend avoiding hard and sugary meals. 

And go to a pediatric dentist asap. 

Child’s oral care 

Make sure you’re giving your child the proper oral care. 

Give your kid kid’s special toothbrush and paste.

Build their habit of brushing teeth twice a day everyday. 

And most importantly build their habit of brushing teeth right after eating chocolate or sugary meals. Like coke, ice cream, chocolate, sugary drinks etc. 

If you maintain your child’s proper oral care, they shouldn’t have trouble like tooth splitting.

And try to see a pediatric dentist every 3 months. 

That’s the proper way to build proper oral care for your child. 


Always bear in mind that losing baby teeth is natural but you must check the teeth before pulling them out. 

Because if it affects the adult teeth, it can cause many problems in a child’s oral health. 

And if the baby tooth is split in half after falling out, it’s a must to see a pediatric dentist.

We are delighted to let parents clear the misconceptions of children’s oral health. 

If you want to learn more about your child’s oral health you can read our other articles related to baby teeth. 

We wrote a detailed article on “Can a loose baby tooth reattach itself”. 

Have a read! 

Learn more about your child’s oral health. 

Be super parents!

Happy  parenting!

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