Why do my teeth hurt when I eat my chocolate

Why do my teeth hurt when I eat my chocolate?

A common question “why do my teeth hurt when i eat my chocolate?” which is asked by both children as well as adults. Because chocolate is a pleasure for both children and adults.

But every good thing comes with its share of problems. So before getting into the solution of any problem, first we have to understand & analyse the core of the problem.

That’s why I will give you a brief understanding of the problem like “why does your teeth get sensitive when you eat chocolate?” Or “why does chocolate hurt your teeth?” Or “why do your molar teeth hurt when you eat chocolate?”.

After explaining the problem we will dive into its solution.

Anatomy of the teeth

So before I explain the problem regarding your teeth, let us first understand the anatomy of the teeth.

A tooth has three layers.Those are:

  1. Enamel
  2. Dentin
  3. Pulp

Enamel:It is the outermost layer of the teeth which mostly consists of minerals and it protects the inside of teeth from external harm.

Dentin:It is the middle layer of the teeth which consists of tubules. There are solute particles dissolved in the water solution inside the tubules.

Pulp:It is the most inner layer of a tooth. And this pulp consists of blood vessels and nerves.

Anatomy of the Teeth

Why do my teeth get sensitive when I eat chocolate?

Sensitive teeth which are also known as Dentin Hypersensitive. This usually occurs due to eating very hot or very cold food. But sometimes this sensitivity occurs due to eating chocolate.

And it happens when the enamel of the teeth erodes and exposes the underlying Dentin.

Enamel erodes due to excessive grinding of teeth. It also happens if you eat or drink excessive amounts of acidic food.

When this erosion takes place,it creates a pathway from the tubules at the dentin to the surface of the enamel.

So if you eat chocolate in that condition,the Osmosis process takes place between the enamel and the dentin.

The Osmosis is a process where the solvent particles tend to pass through a semi-membrane from lower concentrated solution to a higher concentrated solution in order to maintain equilibrium.

Osmosis Process

The same process takes place in the dentin. Chocolate is considered a higher concentrated solution. So when you eat chocolate,the water in the tubules flows towards the surface of the teeth.

Because the water solution in the dentin tube has lower concentration than the chocolate,in order to create equilibrium water flows towards the surface where the chocolate solution remains.

Sensation in the Teeth

This creates a vacuum in the dentin tube and it stimulates the nerves in the pulp ; thus causing sensation in the teeth.

Why does chocolate hurt my teeth?

Many people often ask this question that beside the sensation of the teeth,they feel pain after eating chocolate.

Chocolate contains sugar and contains fermented carbohydrates. It mixes with harmful bacteria and they attack the gum and enter through the damaged enamel causing pain in the teeth.

Why does my molar hurt when I eat chocolate?

The main function of a molar tooth is to chew them and prepare for later stage digestion. So whenever we eat something , it goes straight to the molar teeth for the chewing process.

That’s why when you eat too much chocolate, the acid produced by the sweet in the chocolate erodes the enamel of the molar teeth and causes pain.

Does chocolate hamper the recovery of my teeth?

The answer is yes. If you eat chocolate even after you have some issues in the teeth, it will definitely interfere with your recovery.

As you might know that saliva contains minerals that help you to restore minerals to the teeth.By which the enamel in your teeth gets recovered gradually day by day.

But if you eat chocolate during this period, the constant eating of chocolate delays the saliva to restore/replace the minerals. Thus it interferes with your healing mechanism.

How long does the tooth pain last?

Tooth pain happens for a variety of reasons and depending on the reason, we can judge how long the tooth pain will last.

  1. If you have a tooth decay problem which causes acute pain, then you have to take an immediate dental procedure. Otherwise it will get worse as the time passes on.
  1. If you have complex underlying issues in your teeth, then you need to have a long term therapy with your dentist.
  1. If you feel pain because of tooth grinding, then you will relieve your pain within a few days or weeks.

It might be scary to some people. But as long as you stick to the right procedure and consult with your dentist regularly, then you don’t need to be frightened about it at all.

Is chocolate the only thing that creates problems with my teeth?

No.It is just one of the many factors that create problems with the teeth. Those are:

All these factors accumulate and create problems with your teeth. That’s why even if you stop eating chocolate,the problem in your teeth won’t be gone that easily unless you take care of the following factors.

What steps should I take in order to lessen my tooth pain?

There are various steps that you can take in order to lessen your tooth pain and you must follow these steps routine wise. These are:

  • Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste
  • Maintain a balanced diet which include fruit,vegetables,protein and grains
  • Consume calcium containing rich foods such as canned salmon,milk,yogurt,almond etc
  • Consume phosphorus containing foods such as fish,nuts,beans etc
  • Consume Vitamin C containing foods such orange,mango,citrus etc because they are very helpful to the gum
  • Check up with your dentist once every 6 months

If you follow these steps in a routine wise manner,then it can not only lessen your but also can eradicate them.


Chocolate alone is good for health.But too much of anything isn’t good for health even if it is the good stuff.

So exercise patience.Consume chocolate a little at a time.That way it won’t be harmful to you.

In fact you should specifically eat dark chocolate because it has antioxidants which will prevent the growth of certain bacteria that is harmful to our body.

But whatever you do,do not overdo it.That way you will be fine & refreshing from both body and soul.

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