Why do my teeth feel loose when I wake up

Why do my teeth feel loose when I wake up

Do your teeth feel loose when you wake up?

If you feel so then it might result in a serious problem in your teeth so you should take this matter seriously and consult with the dentist as soon as possible.

If you suffer from this problem then the question which comes to your mind is,

Why do my teeth feel loose when I wake up?

Or, why do my teeth feel loose after sleeping?

If your teeth give a sensation of looseness when you wake up from bed or after sleeping then this condition of teeth generally is called bruxism or teeth grinding.

Stress, dental trauma and periodontal disease is considered as one of the main causes of Bruxism. 

As you may pass over this matter because most of the time you will feel the sensation of loose teeth in the morning after waking up and with the course of time your teeth will tighten up and you will not feel this anymore in the rest of the day.

But you should consult with the dentist if you face this problem or else it will cause other dental complications. 

Why do my teeth feel loose in the morning?

If your teeth feel loose, it creates discomfort while you are brushing your teeth and grinding or tearing food.

There are different kinds of causes to feel loose. The main causes of feeling loose teeth in the morning are given below:

Oral Trauma:

If a tooth faces a trauma, the periodontal ligaments stretch that helps the tooth to keep in place. If the ligaments stretch then it allows the tooth to move which results in a feeling of tooth looseness.

Gum diseases:

If you don’t brush your teeth and  ensure proper clean then plaque remains in the teeth which gradually hardens and forms a tartar. This gradually gathers under a gum line and influences the bacteria to reproduce which results in infection. Thus it destroys the periodontal ligaments and gum tissue which eventually causes the  tooth looseness.

Sleep bruxism:

If people have sleep bruxism then they unconsciously contract their jaws and grind their teeth while sleeping. Though the main causes of this is not detected yet, stress and sleep related disorders are detected as one of the main causes of sleep bruxism.


Emotions are one of the main reasons for bruxism. So if you are struggling with stress, anger , frustration then it may result in bruxism.

These are some of the causes for which your teeth feel loose. 

How can I get rid of this situation?

A Man Having Dental Treatment

If you feel looseness in your teeth then it should be treated immediately. If an adult person suffers from this problem then this should be treated soon or else different dental problems may arise from this.

The treatment varies according to the causes for your looseness. So you should consult a dentist as soon as possible to get the correct solution to your problem.

If you suffer from bruxism then the dentist usually gives a special mouth guard which you should wear while you sleep in order to provide support to your teeth.

In case of oral trauma, a technique called splinting should be done in order to stable your teeth. A small and flexible dental splint is generally used on both sides of your teeth and you have to wear it at least for 2 weeks so that the ligaments are cured properly.

If you suffer from gum disease then root planning and dental scaling is done to ensure deep cleaning which helps to remove tartar and plaque.

It smoothens the surface of your teeth root and prevents bacteria breeding.

If you have extensive gum disease then antibiotics may be required to be taken and sometimes periodontal surgery might be required to cure the infection inside the gum.

In this way, according to the cause of the looseness of your teeth, treatment is done.


Nowadays it is a common problem, people of all ages suffer from looseness of teeth.

If anyone, especially adults suffer from this problem then he/she should consult with a dentist soon. 

We have tried to mention most of the causes for why your teeth feel loose when you wake up. We have mentioned a few treatments according to the cause.

So if you are suffering from this problem then don’t delay start your treatment from today.

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