How to get vampire teeth naturally

How to get vampire teeth naturally

Vampire teeth are sharp edged teeth or pointy teeth. If you want vampire teeth or extra pointy teeth then the question comes to our mind is, “How to get vampire teeth naturally?”

Vampire teeth are nothing but canine teeth which are extra pointy and sharp. You can get vampire teeth at home naturally or by consulting a cosmetic dentist you can get a treatment for the better fit of your fangs.

Some people are born with sharp and pointy canine teeth which are considered as the vampire teeth. If they don’t want these teeth, then by taking a cosmetic procedure from an experienced dentist this problem can be solved.

If you aren’t born with vampire teeth but you want vampire teeth then this can be done as well by an experienced dentist who will help you to reach your desired look which will ultimately make your canine teeth sharp and pointed like vampire teeth.

What are vampire teeth?

The term vampire teeth has no external meaning; if you believe in the existence of a vampire then vampire teeth are the teeth of a vampire. And if you don’t believe in their existence then it is nothing, just the canine teeth.

If the canine teeth of our mouth are extra sharp and pointed then it is considered as the vampire teeth. It is also called fangs.

The canine teeth are situated on each side of the front of the incisor of the human mouth and these teeth are considered as more pointed and corner of the mouth. These teeth have long roots and are used to hold, tear and bite food. 

So it is natural that these teeth will be pointy but there are some canines which are exceptionally pointy and commonly known as the vampire teeth.

How to get natural vampire teeth? 

By doing DIY, you can make vampire teeth at home. What you will need is a scissor and acrylic sharp nails, then you can make vampire teeth naturally by your own way.

  • Firstly, you have to buy acrylic nails and dental wax. Instead of dental wax you can also use denture drip or denture wax. But you have to ensure the color of the nails so that it perfectly matches your teeth color or else it will look bad if there remains any difference in the color.
  • Secondly, you will place the nails on your teeth to have an idea about the shape then by using a scissor cut the nails in the shape of a triangle which will fit your teeth.
  • Thirdly, by using a nail file, polish the nails so that it gets the shape of a sharp tooth. Since you polish a fake nail, you have to make sure you get all the remains at the end.
  • Finally in the back part of your teeth apply the dental wax then keep the nail on the top of the glue and wait for a few minutes to set it. Then continue this process for all the fangs.

In this way, you can get vampire teeth naturally at home which is a very easy job and will not take much time if you do it carefully by following all the steps. You can also use a diamond sharpener to sharpen your canines. 

Though it is not difficult to  have sharp canines, you have to keep in mind that you use the right tool or else it may cause harm to your teeth.

If you get any issues with your canine teeth, read our guide on “How to fix impacted canine teeth“.

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How to get rid of vampire teeth?

Patient Getting Dental Consultation

If you are not satisfied with your vampire teeth then to get a better look and fit in the arrangement of your teeth you can do treatment at a cosmetic clinic by an experienced dentist where they will do recontouring and bonding to complete the procedure.

Recontouring or reshaping is a quick and simple dental cosmetic procedure which is done for the change of size, shape, dimensions and appearance of your teeth. It is done for the better fit or arrangement of your teeth as well

If you do recontouring, it will give a good or new look to your vampire fangs. Here the cosmetic dentist will file the additional enamel by including a sanding tool in your vampire teeth.

To make your fangs look more attractive, recontouring could be emerged with dental bonding. Your dentist uses a similar color resin of your teeth which will reshape your teeth in this treatment.

If there is any gap or holes which are not repaired properly while reshaping then bonding can solve this issue by adding a coating in your recontoured fangs which will fill the gaps. 

Your cosmetic dentist can solve your problem by doing these methods which will give you a different look and will help your fangs to fit properly along with your other teeth. 

So, teeth recontouring is done to solve the problems of vampire teeth, crooked teeth and so on. It also helps to improve the condition of your teeth and appearance of your smile by giving a new shape to your teeth.


If you don’t have vampire fangs but you want them then this can be done naturally at home or by consulting a dentist very easily. 

In the same way If you have vampire fangs by birth but you don’t want them then an experienced dentist can solve your problem. 

There are some people who have vampire teeth but they are insecure about their teeth. Then by recontouring you can change the shape of your teeth and this is a painless treatment.

It actually depends on your desire because you can remove it or make it by consulting a cosmetic dentist.

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