How to fix impacted canine teeth without braces

How to fix impacted canine teeth without braces?

If your teeth are impacted, especially the canine teeth and you don’t want to go with the braces treatment then the question which will come to your mind is “ How to fix impacted canine teeth without braces?”

Though braces are one of the most common treatments for canine  tooth impaction, there are so many options now if you don’t want to go with braces treatment.

What are impacted canine teeth?

Impacted canine teeth are seen not only in adults but also in children. Generally the human mouth has four canine teeth on each side of the front of the incisor and these teeth are considered as the corner of the mouth and used to tear and bite food. 

Canine teeth play a significant role in our mouth and are considered as the guide for the rest of the teeth for proper biting. These teeth touch our jaws first when we close them together and have the longest roots compared to other human teeth.

A tooth is considered as impacted if it does not grow properly in the mouth and it remains stuck in the gum tissue or bone. And if one of your canine teeth does not grow normally rather it remains stuck in the alveolar bone which contains the tooth socket then that canine tooth is impacted.

So if an impacted canine tooth is detected, then it needs immediate treatment.

What are the causes of impacted canine teeth?

There are many causes of impacted canine teeth. Few causes of impacted teeth are given below:

  • If the space where the tooth will grow is smaller than the teeth.
  • The tooth grows in an angle that won’t cover the space.
  • If other teeth in the mouth have taken up the space for that tooth to grow
  • If the baby tooth is damaged somehow accidentally, it also results in the adult then the adult teeth become impacted.
  • If the jaw is too small and other teeth take up space then some teeth don’t get space to grow.
  • Due to the delay of loss of baby teeth and improper growth of baby teeth, adult teeth may be impacted. This case is common for canine teeth.

These result in teeth to be impacted. In our lifetime two sets of teeth grow which are baby teeth and adult teeth, so teeth may get impacted.

Effects of impacted canine teeth

The upper canines have a high possibility to become impacted following the wisdom teeth.

These impacted teeth create problems for the overall health ,functions of teeth and can cause damage to the adjacent teeth. 

impacted canine teeth

There is a possibility of developing infections and cysts in the surrounding area of the impacted teeth and there is a higher risk of damaging the root of the neighboring teeth and disturbing them in their growth abnormally.

If your teeth are impacted then not only it will affect the functions of your teeth but also in the overall appearance of your teeth. Since these teeth are on the front side, when you smile they will affect it.

Again if  your teeth do not develop in proper alignment then this will affect the appearance of your smile.

Early stage treatment for canine impaction

If a dentist notices a canine tooth which may impact within a few days. Then the tooth can be saved with treatment before its impaction. A baby canine tooth must be extracted when needed to give a chance for the adult tooth to grow.

You can use a spacer to stop a tooth’s growth so that it does not erupt the space of another tooth.

If the tooth is detected earlier then the treatment should be done as soon as possible so that the tooth is not damaged or if you delay it the problem will become more complex.

How to fix impacted canine teeth?

There are a variety of treatments for impacted teeth. First the orthodontist will do a proper checkup by doing an X-ray then he/she will proceed forward with your treatment. 

Your treatment will depend on several factors. First orthodontist will identify whether it is an adult or baby teeth. Then he has to see how severe the condition of the impacted teeth is. He has to assure that his invention will not affect the teeth further in its functions and growing. 

Dentist Checking Impacted Canine Teeth

Braces treatment is one of the useful and common interventions for impacted teeth and mostly metal or ceramic braces were used by an experienced orthodontist. Braces help the impacted teeth to come in the correct position.

Even braces can pull multiple teeth at a time to come in the desired position. The teeth can be cleaned properly. So it helps to keep the mouth in good health. For best results, braces are used mostly.

But for some people this is considered as a traditional treatment and they don’t like to wear braces for a long time. So rather then this now different treatments are done for impacted canine teeth:

Treatment for impacted baby teeth: 

The treatment for impacted baby teeth is different then the treatment for adult teeth because the teeth need to come out of its own again to grow and become adult teeth.

Most of the time the teeth are extracted for impacted baby teeth but sometimes it does not as well. But the dentist always tries to reduce the complications.

Early treatment and consulting the doctor will result in less complexes and expenses later on.

Invisalign treatment for impacted teeth: 

If the problem of the teeth is minor then it is possible to cure the problem with invisalign treatment. To improve the position of teeth, we use invisalign. For impacted teeth, we don’t use invisalign mostly only for minor purposes we use invisalign.

Extracting the impacting teeth by oral surgery: 

If the condition of your impacted teeth is severe then your dentist may suggest you extract the teeth by considering the positions of the rest of the teeth. 

If you want to extract the teeth then it requires oral surgery from an experienced oral surgeon. This treatment is considered as one of the most effective treatments for tooth impaction.


For tooth impaction we all are familiar with braces treatment but there are also so many treatments. If you don’t like braces then you can go for other options.

If your tooth is impacted then you have to consult with an orthodontist or dentist to get the solution then according to your condition she/he will prescribe you what is better for you.

Now there are so many options rather than braces so he/she will prescribe you according to your suggestion.

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