How to cover a cavity on the front tooth at home

How to cover a cavity on the front tooth at home

This will be very much embarrassing if there is a cavity on your front tooth and it can be seen while you are talking. You need to find a way to hide this temporarily.

Though it is a case to be handled by a professional, sometimes we run out of time. In that case, you can take some measures to cover a cavity on the front tooth at home.

If you are facing an awkward situation, then be with us and find out how to come out of this situation.

In this guide, we will clear your misconception on how to cover a cavity on the front tooth at home.

What is a cavity?

Cavities are generally the decay of your tooth. It can be because of the oral bacteria, lack of oral hygiene, or by intake of sugar contents frequently.

In easy terms, we can say that cavities are permanent damage to the outermost layer of our tooth which creates small holes in the tooth. It is the deterioration of the enamel of teeth.

Toothache, sensitivity to teeth, and small visible holes on teeth are one of the symptoms of a cavity.

What are the causes of cavities?

There are many reasons that disturb normal oral health conditions. Some of the reasons are:

Causes of cavities
  • Bacteria (Streptococcus mutants)
  • Plaques
  • Dry mouth
  • Low oral health condition
  • Frequent consumption of sugars
  • Too much consumption of acidic foods
  • Lack of fluoride
  • Stuck food particles
  • Acid reflux disease

There are also many reasons that cause the enamel to Detroit.

Who can get cavities?

Any person of any age can have cavities as it is a Detroit condition of the enamel but it is most common among children. Children are more prone to take sugar and acidic foods frequently.

In the case of adults, many of them are not so well maintained. So, they can end up getting cavities as they are not maintaining their oral health. Most adults face gum-related problems, not cavities.

How to cover a front tooth cavity at home?

Cavities can only be treated by professional dentists. Cavities are not supposed to be treated at home.

Though sometimes we are too busy to go to the dentist immediately. Till that time we can use some home remedies so that the condition does not become worse.

To hide a front tooth cavity at home, we can follow these:

Paraffin Wax:

Paraffin wax is a non-toxic material often used in candles to mold candles. It is hardened when it is set. It is heated on low heat and some cold water is added. Then applied to the cavity to hide.

Hiding the tooth:

You can simply hide the defective tooth with your lips. Not to open my mouth wide. You need to be careful so that your defective tooth is not seen by others.

Brushing with fluoride:

Brushing with fluoride can resolve your issue but the effect is not immediate.

Brushing with fluoride

Though you can cover up a tooth cavity in these ways. Actually, it is advised to consult your dentist as soon as possible. Covering tooth cavities is not a treatment to do at home.

How to remove cavities from front teeth at home?

It is not possible to hide cavities at home. You are advised to visit a professional as soon as possible.

Preventive Measures

  1. Vitamin D: It absorbs more calcium and phosphate into your teeth which strengthens your teeth. You can get it from milk, yogurts, etc.
  2. Using Fluoride Toothpaste: Toothpaste containing fluorides is effective to prevent cavities and it is proven by scientists.
  3. Using Sugar-free Gums: Sugar-free gums after meals are proven to be effective to maintain the oral pH and cleaning teeth.
  4. Avoiding Sugar Foods: Avoiding sugar foods as much as possible can reduce the chance of cavities in your teeth.
  5. Oil Pulling: Sesame or coconut oils are used to do so. They are suggested to keep the oils in the mouth for around 20 minutes to remove the toxic materials from the mouth and then spit them out. It is studied that this method removes plaque and bacteria.
  6. Licorice Root: It is a Chinese plant that can help to prevent cavities, plaque, bacteria, etc.


You need to maintain our daily life in a healthy routined way. My suggestion regarding this topic is :

  • Brush teeth properly
  • Use a good brush
  • To use mouthwash
  • To floss your teeth
  • To reduce the consumption of acidic and foods with sugar
  • To visit dentists regularly

If already there is a cavity in your teeth, then I recommend visiting a professional dentist immediately.

Final Words

By following some home hacks we can resolve the situation temporarily. Though you are hiding your cavity on the front tooth, it must be treated by a dentist when you get time to visit the dentist.

While maintaining good food habits, the chance of the cavity among adults can be reduced. So, we should check our food habits and follow preventive measures.

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