Can I eat ice cream after tooth filling 

Can I eat ice cream after tooth filling 

Cavities are a type of chronic disease which is a very common dental problem nowadays. It is a type of holes in teeth that grows from tooth decay. 

As there is no specific age for cavities, every year a huge number of adults and children’s teeth are filled up by the dentists because of cavities.

Since tooth filling is a very frequent dental practice now, it’s a common question among people,

Can I eat ice cream after tooth filling?

Yes, you can but avoiding ice cream after tooth filling will be the best option.

Though there is no prohibition about eating ice cream after tooth filling,

You should avoid it because eating anything too cold or too hot may result in sensitivity and complexities in the mouth. 

Here you can eat ice cream or not also depending on the severity of your teeth cavity and type of filling you did.

If you want a clear overview of your question then stick with us and read it carefully.

Can I  eat ice cream after cavity filling?

Filling is a type of dental treatment that fixes and restores the decaying portion of your teeth. Dentists will remove the decay and then fill up the cavities with a filling material.

In America out of 100 every 80 people suffer from at least one cavity in their 30s because they are fond of sweets, candies and sugary desserts which results in cavities.

Filling up cavities is a very common problem not only in America but also in the whole world as without any age limitation, people suffer from cavities.

After any kind of tooth filling our teeth become sensitive so it is better to avoid sticky, hard, sugary, acidic, too hot and too cold food at this time, rather you should eat soft and liquid for at least for the next two days after tooth filling.

You should take healthy soft foods for a week to be on the safe side so that no other complications, sensitiveness or pain arise in the filling area.

At that time you should remain very careful and eat and chew food slowly and steadily.

In the case of ice cream, it is too cold so you should skip this for a few days after cavity filling. Rather, you should eat lukewarm and cool foods , nothing too cold or icy and warm.

As there is no restriction about this but avoiding ice cream will be the right choice after cavity filling.

But you have to consider a few things if you want to eat ice cream : the filling material your dentist used, the type of filling and the condition of your teeth cavity.

However, if you want to be hassle free nothing can be a better option than avoiding this.

Can you eat ice cream after dental surgery?

Dental Surgery Room

If you want to eat ice cream after dental surgery or tooth extraction then you can but you have to be specific while eating ice cream, you cannot eat all kinds of ice cream

You should not take crunchy or chew candy or cone type ice cream other than that you can eat ice cream after tooth extraction. 

Like filling up teeth here as well after tooth extraction you should eat healthy soft and liquid food and avoid hard, crunchy and brittle food at least for 24 to 48 hours.

After that you can go back to your normal lifestyle and eat food accordingly. Dentists recommend cool foods after tooth extraction, so you can take ice cream other than a few but if your teeth is filled up then avoiding ice cream is recommended.


As cavities are a common dental disease, tooth filling is a very common dental treatment to cure cavities.

That’s why the most common question among people is “Can I eat ice cream after a tooth filling?”

We have tried our level best to give you the most accurate answer in this regard. If you were confused about it , we believe that by now you have got your desired answer.

Avoiding ice cream is the best option and you should remain very careful at that time and should not take food which is very cold or very hot so that further complications don’t arise.

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